Saturday, 30 January 2016

French contest for the better snack and drink


After a busy afternoon in the kitchen, our teams of cooks proposed their colourful and tasty creations : this snack was selected by a majority of students !

      Concerning the drink, the choice was harder. In the drinks we found : taste, aspect and nutritional qualities. Finally the vanilla / banana smoothie (dusted with cocoa) won unanimous support !

Monday, 18 January 2016

HUNGARY BME Két Tanítási Nyelvü Gimnázium

Ice Skating with the class.

Having fun and teaching each other.
Some of us know how to skate,
but some of us had skates for the first time.
Students had fun and helped each other.
They enjoyed so much that we are organizing the second skating activity in the next weeks. 

It took place at Marczibányi tér ice rink

HUNGARY BME Két Tanítási Nyelvü Gimnázium

Cooking healthy snacks with students and teachers.

After the preparation and fun we made a  presentation for all the classes in the school
about healthy eating
After,  they could try what we had prepared and cooked for them