Thursday, 30 June 2016

June 2016 : FUNNY SPORTS MONTH - Bon Sauveur, FRANCE

Bon Sauveur, FRANCE


June was full of fun activities in order to close this school year. All the pupils, teenager or little child, have worked and repeated hard to present the year-end show. Singing , dancing or acting, our young people were able to share with us their talent. Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th we celebrated the Vire River, the river that crosses Saint –Lô. This year, the city of Saint -Lô offers an immersion in the medieval old city called Briovère. More than 50 associations were presented for demonstrations : archery, fencing, dance, caper demonstration, weightlifting, women's rugby, grafting demonstration and budding shrubs ... and many other animations yet ! Traditional wooden games : chess, bagatelle, ballast, bowling, rapido, billiards, bilboquet, crack, pinball, abalone, games of skill, strategy, chance and so on ... were in competition with zip line above the Vire or kayaks and canoes (with monitoring).

We wish everyone happy holiday season !

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The second short term exchange of students in College du Bon Sauveur SAINT-Lô in FRANCE

30TH May - 3rd june 2016  


Monday 30th May -  OFFICIAL OPENING

Warm  welcome in the school auditorium by the French hosts - the Headteacher Mr François Clement and the project coordinators Mrs Mariana Navrotescu and Mr Matthieu Taillefer,  
as well as the students presentations about their national traditional and regional cuisine were the most important elements of the first day of the A&E international team meeting in France.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Sharing our national cuisines we learn more about each other. 
 After visiting  the impressive school facilities, guided by Mr Silvan, the teams of  students from all partners shools presented their national specialities and gave the examples of the most typical dishes served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The set of presentations from five partner countries situated in different parts of our European continent was titled 

   'A Celebration of European Food Culture' 

 French team prepared a surprise. A video memories of our Italian adventure - the first project meeting in FRANCAVILLA FONTANA

Click to watch - Souvenirs d'Italie by French Team

In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch in the school canteen came time to take a physical activity challenge   - Badmington Tournament in international teams took place. We had a chance to burn calories .
We did our best to win. All of us have won with Mr Couch Potato. After warming up during sports competitions, tired but still full of positive flow , we stayed active till the evening wandering around our host city. Sightseeing, getting to know its history guided by Mr Philippe Breteau. The tragic war view of Saint -Lô the 'CAPITAL of RUINS'',  leveled to the ground by allied bombs on 6th/7th June 1944 will remain forever in our memory.

Photo album - Day 1

 tuesday  31st May

 TRIP to Mont Saint michel - a world heritage site

The fabulous wonder of the Western world, an abbey perched between sea and sky was our destination.  In the gusty wind and  the swirling sand, stepping between maddy  quicksands we managed to cross an impressive  Mont S.Michel Bay.
Fortunately, thanks to accompany of  professional guides we arrived at the abbey before the high tide. Then after getting rid of the mud tightly covering our feet, we passed along Grand Rue to climbed to the high medieval walls and to admire as minute by minute the island gradually dipped into the sea waves. Finally after power up by a tasty French baguette in a charming, tiny cafes we toured the interior of the sanctuary built in honour of the Archangel Saint Michel. 
Thank you for unforgettable views and life time moments.

wednesday 1st june

                                                        celebrating  european flavors



We started the day with a seance of videos series POWER UP YOUR MEALS.
Each team presented 3 videos featuring typical dishes served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in their country. Students demonstrated their ingenuity, creativity, providing a culinary journey through the oceans of national tastes, typical regional products and culinary traditions in the partner countries.

The next task was cooperation in international groups to propose healthy and tasty European dishes  composed on the basis of the national ingredients of all partner countries.
The teamwork promised to be very good and the results were to meet only at Friday's project meeting summary.
But still the best part of the day was yet to come !!!!!
All teams dressed in tasteful Cooking Aprons in country colors designed and funded by the hosts began the masterful performances of culinary skills.
The School kitchen filled up with tempting aromas and flavors began a real
After several hours of cooking time to share national tastes and enjoy a common meal has come. 

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.” – Irish Proverb

Nothing unite better then  a common feasting and shared leisure. The evening game at the bowling alley was an active highlight of this unforgettable day.
Another wonderful idea to foster frindship among the students and the teachers in our project team.

thursday 2nd JUNE

                    A DUTY OF REMEMBRANCE
Visit to normandy american cemetery and memorial in colville- omaha beach

                                                    ONE morning in June 1944 . . . .

What would our world be today without that historic D-DAY, when the Allied Forces debarked in Normandy to liberate France?
Being in Normandy you need to remember that it is the place where history was made. 
The Normandy Landings began at dawn on June 6th 1944. Thousands of soldiers took part in Operation Overlord, many of them were young people, not much older than our students, yet willing to lay down their lives in order to restore freedom to mainland Europe and overthrow Nazi totalitarianism.
Today, the memory of those soldiers is still alive - our freedom fighters, brothers-in-arms .
 To pay tribute to the fallen soldiers we visited Normandy American Cemetery where over 9 thousands soldiers were buried. 
Each delegation laid a wreath of flowers in the national colors .  Then deeply touched students watched videos and a multimedia exhibition in The Visitor Centre.

After full of emotions visit to the Colville Omaha beach came time to a more recreational part of the tour.

Sightseeing CAEN a duchy town founded by Wiliam the Conqueror - known as the 'TOWN of 100 Bell Towers' due to the number of bell towers and numerous religious congregations.

friday 3rd JUNE

                      the grand finale of the French meeting

After working in multinational groups the students with lots of creativity and great work presented their ideas on Healthy European Meals Recipes. 

In the afternoon THE TEENCHEFS did their best in A&E team football tournament. 

In closing the visit the project coordinators were invited to a Cocktail Reception with the City's Mayor at the Town Hall.

Students spent the last moments together on the great fun, enjoying themselves at the farewell party.
This week full of engaging activities, spent in international project team company will stay in memory for life.

Thank you Mrs Mariana Navrotescu, the whole French team and the families  for warm hosting and experiences which will last in time and go on beyond learning . . .

                           'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much'

                                                         Click to watch a video