Monday, 17 April 2017

The fourth short exchange of students in BME Két Tanítási Nyelvü Gimnázium in Budapest Hungary

20TH - 24TH MARCH 2017  



 by the beautiful blue Danube  


Why we love Budapest

We fell in love with Budapest for all the right reasons – beautiful scenery with the majestic Danube river and the views from the Buda hills - architecture representing unique blend of old and modern – thermal baths offering the marvelous medicinal natural hot spring waters - Hungarian cuisine surving much more than famous goulash.

However, it was Hungarian hospitality and amazing kind open-minded people that made us memorize the week spent together in this beautiful European capital city for a life time.
The project team meeting week was organised in a way that students and teachers could meet and discover various customs of Hungary, cultural heritage sites of Budapest and its surroundings, take part in different and not ordinary sport activities, strenghten students friendship and give a wide insight in exceptional hosting institution.
International school BME Két Tanítási Nyelvü Gimnázium gave us the chance to experience multinational and multicultural atmosphere accompanying the students in their everyday school life. It provided a perfect enviroment to work and have fun together.

From the visiting countries 22 students and 11 teachers took part in this exchange. Poland with 2 teachers and 6 students, Italy with 2 teachers and 6 students, France with 2 teachers and 5 students, Portugal with 5 teachers and 5 students.
In the Hungarian team 21 students were hosting and 6 teachers took part in the majority of the programs, but the all school, teachers and students,  contributed to make this week, fruitfull, enjoyable, so all the planned programs and activities could run smoothly.

Arrival of delegations at the List Ferenc airport

Teachers and hosting families were waiting for the delegations. Teachers were transfered to the hotel, and students took their mates to their families were they had different activities for the first day. During the evening when all participant delegations arrived, teachers had their first dinner at the Kiskakuk restaurant where our principal welcomed everyone, for the week.

1st day  The 4th exchange week officially started

While students attended classes in the morning , teachers had their meeting to talk about the work done, the results and some follow up activities.
The morning ended with a visit to the school then it followed the group visit to BME University.
We had a delicious lunch at Goldman cafeteria.
In the afternoon we met for the students ' presentations on the topic A Year of Wellness which were a show of the most interesting Health Month Themes activities in each partner country. 
Afterwards we walked and climbed Gellért hill from which we had a stunning view of Budapest. After the official program all could enjoy the evening lights of the city.

       2nd day  Exploring BUDA &  PEST corners
Erasmus groups were given maps with specific destinations. Groups had to figure out the easiest,shortest and fastest way to find the indicated famous squares,buildings in Budapest and perform different tasks. Students and teachers had approximately 4 hours to complete the exercise, but obviously the faster we were, the better it was. We improved our map-reading skills and explored Budapest together!

In the afternoon we had a very nice bicycle trip next to the river Danube. The weather was beautiful, the students and the teachers enjoyed atmosphere of the nature.

 Teachers' team and students' teams = ACTIVTY&EATING TEAM #Erasmus#Poland#France#Italy#Portugal#Hungary#
 4th day  Evaluate Your Wellness Program for Success

In the morning while teachers were working in their meeting, students designed the exhibition summarising the year of students’ wellness activities undertaken within the project task Health Month Themes for a Year of Wellness.

CLIK THE LINK to watch the exhibition

Teachers have analyzed reports on the implementation of  PERSONAL LIFESTYLE PLANNER in each partner school. They also drew conclusions from the results of  students' physical fitness tests done in each school using ZUCHORA's physical fitness tests. Based on data from individual schools, final joint  report Evaluate Your Wellness Program for Success was prepared. The report describes students’ attitude towards rational lifestyle at the initial and final stage of the project.

In the afternoon the students devided into international teams played floorball, then all the team visited The Great Market Hall " Nagycsarnok". The teachers  visited Buda's Castle and in the evening they saw a folk dance performance at Palace of Arts

5th day   Meet a Real Magyar in Nature

From the very morning we had a real activity and eating day. We had a trip to Kemence in  the North Hungarian Mountains which are the part of the Inner Western Carpathians. The varied landscape offers good hiking opportunities and a large part of the Börzsöny is a national park.

In the morning we had a nice walk, hiking in the forrest.  After physical activity we took part in a culinary workshops to cook two different traditional Hungarian foods, a soup ‘Palócleves’ and ’Kenyérlángos’. It is a flat bread, similar to the traditional Italian pizza but instead of tomato sauce it’s topped with mashed potatoes with dill. It could be spiced with sugar or salt depending on a taste of the eater. Margit Néni, the old lady,energetic rural housewife was the undeniable leader of the cooking. This was another opportunity for joint cooking and excellent group work.
The workshop was organised in The Kemence Forestry Museum Railway thus we could not miss the opportunity to ride Hungary’s longest narrow-gauge forest railway in picturesques Börzsöny hills. Pure fun!

In the afternoon we gathered around  a big outdoor wood fired oven to bake the bread. Waiting for the dish to be ready we spontaneously took another challenge. Each team had to create a living sculpture related to the theme of the project.
In the evening, in the light of the setting sun we ate our tasty foods and enjoyed it much.


6th day       International Day

On the last day of the Erasmus week in Budapest, we were given a chance to participate in the International Day traditionally organised every spring in the hosting school. The Erasmus teachers and students could have the possibility to enjoy the hungarian school students and teachers’ company, to watch the performances presenting Hungary and taste the delicious multinational foods.
We all had also the possibility to watch the exhibition by A&E team students titled My Year of Wellness .

During the afternoon teachers got to enjoy the baths of Budapest and later a Hungarian dinner with gipsy music while students had their farewell party in the school with dancing a lots of fun.



To say good bye is always difficult thing, but it is a nice thing too.

‘Goodbyes are not forever,
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean we’ll miss you,
Until we meet again

On Friday evening inevitably, time to say goodbye had come.
Dear Ildiko, Agota and Andreasz thank you for that unforgettable multinational cultural experience.

At the end yet a video memory of ACTIVITY EATING team's stay  over the beautiful blue Danube


We are looking forward to hosting all of you here in Poland.