Saturday, 30 April 2016

The students of Bon Sauveur live in harmony with nature

        This Wednesday, April 27, some juniors students from Bon Sauveur have been part in athletics training. Other students disputing some outdoor sports in Coutances, about 30 km from Saint-Lô. Nobody missed the opportunity to show their love for nature …

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Living in harmony with nature month.
BME Secondary Grammar School students participating in the project went on a hike to the hills of Buda climbed up the János hegy.At 526 metres, János-hegy is the highest point in Budapest.The Elizabeth Lookout (Hungarian: Erzsébet-kilátó) is a historic lookout tower on János-hegy above Budapest. Built in 1911, the tower was named after Empress Elisabeth, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Frigyes Schulek was the architect.
We really enjoyed the walk and the view the beautiful spring afternoon and the traditional hungarian strudel (rétes).

Saturday, 16 April 2016


Sports & RecreationEvent     

Today 14 students from the school who participate in the international Erasmus project ''Activity and Eating'' run the 2,5km Minicittá.



'Green exercise' away from the hustle of the city life offers rejuvenation for body and mind.

Physical exercise is well known to provide physical and psychological health benefits. There is also good evidence that viewing, being in, and interacting with natural environments has positive effects, reducing stress and increasing the ability to cope with stress, reducing mental fatigue and improving concentration and cognitive function.

It is much better  for your mental health to exercise in a green place like a forest, than in other places like the gym.  Making the decision to exercise in a natural environment just once a week could be enough to gain a health benefit. 

To find out more go to:

Are you aware of the health-specific benefits of riding a bike? Along with walking, jogging, and running, biking is considered as the best form of cardiovascular exercise.

Riding a bicycle is also good for the spirit, because being outdoors and feeling the wind against your face as you speed along is an unparalleled, refreshing experience.

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

APRIL 2016- AES-PORTUGAL -Living in Harmony with nature

The Serra da Estrela Natural Park is the largest protected area in Portugal, located in the central mountainous massif, North-East, cut across by rivers and streams that have their source here such as the Mondego and Zêzere.

The landscape is marked by rocky outcrops, boulders and crags, several of which resemble human forms that have given rise to popular names such as "head of the old woman " and the "Pitchers" (fat, thin and flat), that may be admired as visitors hike along the many existing pedestrian trails.

Since this is the highest peak in mainland Portugal, it is also one of the areas with the highest levels of precipitation, with abundant snow in the winter, enabling winter sports to be practised.

 At 1,993m it is Torre and Vodafone ski resort.

The "ice crystal" was the symbol chosen by the Natural Park, in allusion to its climatic characteristics and the glacial origin of this mountain range, as can be seen in the valleys of Zêzere and Unhais, large gaping holes in the mountain side and around 25 natural lagoons.

Valleys in the shape of horseshoes, ravines, polished rocks and lakes of glacial origin are just some of the formations that demonstrate the importance of the ice and snow in modelling the mountains.

 These outstanding natural pearls invite us to enjoy the extraordinary beauty individually or in group.