Saturday, 29 July 2017

A&E project in the Summer Camp

AES - Summer Camp- Closing Activities
Activity and Eating- Small steps to a Healthier you A Summer Camp was the last activity of the project for the students who involved themselves in it. School activities, exams ended and most students stay home watching TV, playing computer or staying grabbed to their mobiles all day. So, taking advantage of good weather and local Options, this is the perfect week to have new experiences, learn new ways of entertaining, strengthen friendship and have fun. From 24th to 29th July a group of students practised surf, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Kayaks, Diving, Jet skiing and much more... Figueira da Foz is a great surfing location. This is kind of a secret paradise of surf in Portugal, because there are not so many crowds, but the waves are very good. In Figueira da Foz students had Surf classes with Pedro Meireles from SURFING FIGUEIRA SCHOOL and tried catching some waves at Cabedelo Beach.
A different local option is Aguieira Dam where Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort & Spa and its marina the Aguieira reservoir are one of those rare pearls where reservoir and forest meet in perfect harmony. The practice of outdoor sports and outdoor recreation are available, with professional staff from Okup Sports Academy.
A dream week for teens who were given the privilege of taking part on it and whose memories, friendship, and healthy habits will last forever. My appreciation to all the institutions, school boarding, parents who cooperated in the organization of these unforgettable experiences. Summer Camp team: Diogo Borges Hugo Figueiredo Inês Almeida Lesli Oliveira Marta Nolasco Mauro Simões Rodrigo Mendes Sara Morgadinho Cristina Almeida & Luis Alves
Enjoy the video

Thursday, 6 July 2017

The fifth short term exchange of students in Gimnazjum nr 2 in Trzebinia POLAND

29th May - 2nd June Trzebinia POLAND  

All’s well that ends well

Sunday 28th May

The big day has come! The Eramus+ family is together in Poland! Ready for adventures, new opportunities, willing to share experiences with one another. Poland welcomed Erasmus+ partners with sunny and warm weather. The marvelous weather accompanied all projects activities during the stay in Poland. Our guests did not have any reasons to claim that there was only bad weather in the Chopin country, as far as their last visit in Poland J. It was gloomy and grey autumn (November 2015).
Baring in mind: ‘Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.’ (Henry Ford), the final short exchange in Poland was the celebration of the biggest success  we have ever had. We are still together, work fruitfully in the team so when someone asked: 
‘Do you still like one another?’
The answer is:  
 We still really do’.

Monday 29 th May

It’s so good to see you all here in Poland.

Traditionally we have started the visit by introducing the representations of all partner schools. Exchange of welcome gifts and cordial hugs invariably accompanied all our meetings.
 After the official welcome in a school gym a program for the week of exchange was presented. Full of different activities, workshops, trips and events. This week was aimed not only to summarize the two year project but also to present our partners and foreign students the beauty of Poland, its culture and traditions.

After the official part instead of student presentations, three films prepared jointly by the project team were shown:
the video of the 4th Short- Term Exchange of Pupils in Budapest 2017 
Click to watch a video BY THE BLUE DANUBE
the video commemorating all four project’s Short- Term Exchanges of Pupils titled ‘A&E TEAM UNFORGETTABLE INTERNATIONAL MOMENTS’  

the videoclip of the project’s theme song ‘SMALL STEPS TO LIFE’

Later in the morning students were working on the international dance combining folk dance elements of each country. Then we had a rehearsal on our project song: Small steps to Life. We were totally amused and relaxed. The feeling that we were making something unique was awesome. Obviously students had better fun than project teachers.
While the students were taking part in dancing and singing workshops, the teachers were having their project session on documents and project MUST DO things.

In the afternoon we went to the Zieleniewskich Mansion where we had a meeting with town officials. Due to 200th anniversary of Trzebinia town, Polish students prepared a presentation of Trzebinia. With the participation of Chopin music, folk dances, we got to know more about Trzebinia history and local culture. Surprisingly everybody tried to sing Polish folk song ‘Hej sokoły’.
Click to listen HEJ SOKOŁY

 Finally we had a nice walk to a main square in Trzebinia and then we can not miss the lake Balaton, proving that Hungarian Balaton is not the only one J.
In the evening all the teachers were invited for a traditional Polish dinner. After this long day we were starving so pierogi, żurek, sauerkraut, apple pie and much more were welcomed.
 Our first day in sunny Poland finished late at night J.

Tuesday 30 th May

Are you an early bird or an owl that hates dawns? The owls were not happy this morning J. Because of tensed schedule we started the second day of Polish dream at 6.00. We went to Wieliczka, a salt mine that attracts tourists from all over the world. For most of us it was the first time under the ground.  We enjoyed the magnificent views in Salt mine in Wieliczka. 

Later the bus took us to one of the most beautiful city in Poland- Cracow. Then we followed the Royal Track starting at Dragon's cave. We admired famous places such as: Wawel Castle, Kanonicza Street, Planty Park, Jagiellonian University, Sukiennice, the Town Square and many more. The weather was boiling hot so on the way back home, in the evening, we had to play hide and seek with the storm. Heavy rain poured tiredness out and made us feel ready for new adventures :-) 

Wednesday 31st May

Active? We were yesterday J. Let’s have fun and play this morning. This time we took part in a Carving workshop- a table decoration with curved vegetables of fruits. It wasn't easy but the result we have achived- ASTONISHING. There were some talented boys and girls among us. With a use of small knife they bewitched fruit or vegetable in animals or flower.  A process of a change from fruit or vegetable to a masterpiece- priceless. The knowledge gained during this workshop, each of us may use at home while preparing a healthy meal. 
The sculptures and ornaments made of vegetables and fruits by the participants were later exposed for promotional purposes and then consumed according to the guidelines of the project to receive the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Afterwards we went to Oświęcim, to visit  Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau to pay tribute to all the victims of Holocaust who died in the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp.
  They have to be remembered. R.I.P.

Thursday 1st June

The children’s day!!! Did you get a present? We did, indeed J.

It was sunny and hot day, as usual this week J

In the morning the A&E team  welcomed a large ‘extra Erasmus’ group of teachers and students from the partner school College du Bon Sauveur from Saint-Lô in France. The group of 34 students and 3 teachers joined the 9 persons French mobility delegation and all the project team. All together, students and teachers took part in the annual event of the hosting school, the Sports Day. All the participants formed multinational groups to take part in European cross-country ACTIVITY AND EATING running game.  Students had a chance to compare their fitness condition with other teenagers and to admire Polish woods. The tasks to be solved during the run covered the information contained in the main product of the project, a booklet ‘SMALL STEPS TO A HEALTHIER YOU’. The participants were also asked to invent some easy to do exercises which can be easily done mid-school or after lessons and incorporated to daily routine. After the run they could try their hand at various sports such as relay, long jump, throw ball or obstacle race. Winners were awarded with medals, commemorative key rings accompanied by a healthy prize- Polish tasty and healthy apple.
It was a great a chance to compare fitness condition with other teenagers, there was an opportunity to talk to each other and make friends forever. 

After a lunch break the next trip was ahead. This time we went to Wygiełzów, a nearby village where there is the ethnographic complex. If you want to know someone better, it is crucial to know the culture of this person. Polish team gave partners a chance to touch Polish tradition in different workshops. 

The participants worked divided into international groups. Each group took part in three workshops.

During Archery - medieval warcrafts workshops the participants discovered archery through the crafting and shooting. 

Red Corals - a magic of Cracow red bead necklace - the workshop  consisted of presentation on the Ethnographic Park and Polish folk craft followed by a practical part, a traditional bead necklace making class. The visit ended with a common campfire with fireside feast of local potatoe delicacy.

After this day each of us know how to make traditional jewellery or shoot with an arc. The potato from a clay pot was a hit. Sitting around a bonfire we enjoyed the last moments of our project meeting. 

Friday 2nd June
All’s well that ends well

Busy morning, busy morning… The final rehearsal of Erasmus dance and song was a piece of cake for us. We also prepared the final international photos exhibition ‘Step by step to a healthier with Activity and Eating Team’ documenting project main activities. The students in multinational groups worked to produce the display which was divided into three parts. Two of them: EXERCISE YOUR LOCAL OPTIONS and HEALTH MONTHS THEMES FOR A YEAR OF WELLNESS have been presented before during the previous students exchanges in Portugal and Hungary. The last section titled OUR BEST INTERNATIONAL MOMENTS was dedicated to all 5 project short-terms exchanges of groups of pupils.

The pics proofed how much work we did to A HEALHIER AND HAPPIER LIFE.

The most important moment of the visit came in the afternoon. It was the project multiplier event, a conference prepared jointly by the international project team to sum up the implementation of the project and present its main achievements. It was attended by all partners’ schools delegations, Polish students, parents, local authorities and residents.
During the Erasmus+ conference the products’ demonstration and a brief summary of all students’ exchanges were provided by the coordinators from the partner schools.  Conference participants received the sets of products containing: a commemorative calendar for year 2018 HEALTH MONTH THEMES FOR A YEAR OF WELLNESS; the recipe cards RETHINK YOUR SNACK AND DRINK; the booklet SMALL STEPS TO A HEALTHIER YOU.  

Teacher’s presentations were enriched by students’ performances. The Activity and Eating students team performed an international dance CHALLENGE YOUR INSPIERATION and a song SMALL STEPS TO A HEALTHIER LIFE. The song written by Polish coordinators to a melody of well-known hit DUMB WAYS TO DIE has a completely opposite message. It gives some tips what steps should be taken to lead healthier life and be able to enjoy the fullness of life. It is worth adding that in preparation for the visit to Poland a videoclip of this song was shot. Each school filmed a part of the clip containing a verse and chorus. The soundtrack was recorded by Polish students in a professional recording studio. During the conference the song was performed by soloists from all partner schools accompanied by a live band.  Spontaneous dance of all teenage partners was the icing on the cake. Accompanied by live music they hugged and dance happily. 

After the ceremony all students, teachers and guests had a chance to taste national dishes prepared by students and their hosts and then served during THE FEAST OF INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS .  Healthy snacks cooked according to national recipes, cookies, tasty salads, scented vegetables and fruits were only some examples of dishes offered. In the evening a farewell party for all students and teachers was organized in the school gym.
Spontaneous dance of all teenage partners was the icing n the cake. Accompanied with life music the hugged  and dance happily. After the ceremony we had a chance to taste dishes prepared by students and their hosts. Crispy cookies, tasty salads, scented vegetables and fruits were only some examples of dishes offered. 

 But it is not the end… Show must go on…

Until the late night teenagers were having a party in a school gym.  It was a great pleasure to see their happy and relaxed faced. They made the great team together.

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.

We are not saying goodbye but see you as we hope to meet you all again.