Saturday, 21 April 2018

The first Day of Spring in Trzebinia in Poland


(Żyj Smacznie I Zdrowo- Imprezuj I Podjadaj z Głową). 

The first Day of Spring we traditionally celebrated under a healthy banner :) 
 Each class took part in a variety of activities that promote the main goals of a school programme LIVE TASTY and HEALTHY (Żyj Smacznie I Zdrowo). Additionally, students of our school took part in the contest TASTY and HEALTHY MEAL- GOOD ENERGY. Our school won the FIRST PRIZE  and got a voucher for sport facilities. Bearing in mind that we should make most of our life, all the tasks encourage students to the healthy lifestyle. Students were to prepare healthy snacks and drinks, providing for their nutrition aspects. The experience gained during ERASMUS+ fulfillment resulted in a variety of good ideas for healthy snacks and life. The booklet of the project Activity and Eating- Small Steps to a Healthier You was a great source of information for students who had to do a crossword on healthy life. A dance workshop was surely the most energetic part of the day. Dancing is an activity adored by most of us, no questions. Some sport activities solved who the winner of the day was. A prize, The Dog Day, was an award for the best ones. You don’t have to be a professional sportsman to stay fit and fresh. Find your individual way of being active.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

A wonderful crowning of our achievements . . . 

Our booklet 'Small steps to a Healthier You' posted on the Polish platform Selfie + for the dissemination of activities/results of Erasmus program has been awarded.
On January 12th, during the National Day of Erasmus Program organized by Polish National Agency in Warsaw at the National Arena, the award ceremony took place.  Both Polish coordinators of our project Małgorzata Sarabun and Aleksandra Stefańska collected the prize in the Project Results category. 
The ceremony was attended by Ms. Anna Zalewska, Polish Minister of Education.

Congratulations to all this great partneship