Tuesday, 5 April 2016


The motto of this month was  GET YOUR PLATE IN SHAPE!!!

There are a lot of reasons why we eat, only one of which is hunger. We eat for pleasure, flavor, we break bread with friends and family, we eat for comfort as well as nutrition and health.
Eating healthfully is an important part of overall wellness.

It is a journey shaped by many factors, including our stage of life, situations, preferences, access to food, culture, traditions, and the personal decisions we make over time.
Everything you eat and drink matters !!!
For a healthy eating pattern, remember:

This means:
  • choose foods that offer variety from each of the food groups, giving you the basic nutrition you need
  • reach for foods and beverages with less saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.
  • start with small changes to build healthier eating styles.
  • support healthy eating in your family.
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In March we celebrated the arrival of spring.  On that occasion GIM2 TRZEBINA in POLAND has celebrated the feast of healthy snacks and drinks.

A&E ERASMUS+ students treated  their schoolmates and invited guests with the healthy colourful fruit and vegetables snacks and beverages.
On the richly pledged table, international snacks prepared according to ‘RETHINK YOUR SNACK AND DRINKS’ recipe cards appeared.
The students participating in the international meeting in FRANCAVILLA FONTANA shared their  experience from the staying in Italian school and the families.
During our spring feast event the students from the neighboring primary schools took part in a contest on a healthy nutrition, entitled ‘Live Tasty and Healthily’. They also had the chance to see a dance show and the performance of a school cabaret ‘Horrorek’  which in a humorous way tried to encourage a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

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In the course of the month we aslo celebrated  EASTER HOLIDAY

The students participated in an interschool contest on ‘Easter traditions', organized every year in our school. This year they learned about Easter traditions in the partner countries, searched for healthy recipes for Easter and Lenten dishes.
We designed the postcards with motifs associated with the partner countries.
Finally we took part in the workshops in Traditional Bread Bakery
The students got acquainted with the production process of different types of bread, had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional sourdough, personally knead the dough and place their products in the ovens. They saw  the way of production traditional Easter lambs cakes. At the end of the visit they savored the fresh bread and had the chance to  prepare  Polish healthy colorful full of vitamins and nutrients sandwiches, thus referring to the theme of the month of March - HEALTHY DIET.

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                             And finally ‘Cooking Like a Master Chef’

 At the end of month March activities we took part in an extraoridinary culinary experience.  
The workshops run by A CELEBRITY COOK!!!
Our students, under the guidance of the finalist of a culinary show MasterChef Poland - Charles Daigneaultem prepared burgers with mushrooms, goat cheese and roasted vegetables, zucchini rolls stuffed with goat cheese with raisins and cream puffs for a sweet dessert
There were also other attractions such as  Napkin Folding & Table Setting class

You need to remember that the way a table is set contributes to the ambiance of a meal as much as the healthy  food

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