Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Polish school inaugurated 2nd STEP activities ' Exercise your local options'

                                  Climb up Laskowiec


Fulfilling the A&E Erasmus+ project aims the second grade students with class teachers: Mrs Krystyna Harańczyk, Mrs Katarzyna Paluch and the Club leader Mr Dariusz Wcisło went to reach a summit of Laskowiec. The weather was great so climbing up took only about an hour. Making a profit of the fantastic weather we spent 45 minutes at the top. Climbing down we visited John Paul II chapel at the top of Groń.
The next aim of our trip was Wadowice where we visited the Karol Wojdyła museum, John Paul II , the pope. The cream cake that was eaten by the pope is the must each tourist has to taste .

This trip was the great chance to get fitter and stronger, know local natural surroundings of Beskid Mały and the cultural heritage of Wadowice.


Feel invited for the following voyages. See you on the track .