Monday, 15 February 2016

Health Month Themes for a Year of Wellness

      During the entire year 2016, each month we will be accompanied by another HEALTH THEME.

Health Months Themes  will cover a wide range of different types of actions. They will be largely interdisciplinary tasks . These actions will involve teachers of different subjects (physical education, biology , geography, art classes , computer science, national and foreign languages and others). The use of integrated knowledge and skills will be a valuable added value of the project. Monthly thematic series will also bring the opportunity to work with a number of institutions and guests of the project such as  nutritionists , trainers of different sports , personal trainers, fitness instructors, doctors , nurses, explorers , naturalists , etc. (DEPENDS ON EACH SCHOOL) 
It will be a good way to increase the popularity and awareness of the project priorities among all students of partner schools.