Friday, 27 May 2016


On Monday 23 May a group of students from Liceo “V. Lilla” Francavilla Fontana visited the wildlife reserve and protected marine area of Torre Guaceto (Guaceto Tower), on Italy's Puglia coast, just 15km northwest of Brindisi.

The reserve includes a stretch of coast six kilometers long, characterized by typical Mediterranean landscape ranging from the sea to sand dunes, Mediterranean scrub and marshes, bordered by centuries-old olive groves.
The students had the opportunity to get to know the area, to observe plant species that are usually uncommon in other parts of the region and to appreciate living in harmony with nature.
The place is so called after a tower which is part of a series of towers existing along the coast. In the 16th century, because of the continuous and violent Turkish incursions, an Aragonese family planned and realized the building of these towers as a new defence system.

Originally the area was characterized by the presence of fresh water, which helped the growth of extensive woodland and varied species of animals - by the way, we also had the chance to see a beautiful solitary heron!

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