Friday, 30 September 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016, Family Bikes Riding Month - Gim2 TRZEBINIA POLAND

 SEPTEMBER with Family on the Move .

Spending time with the family is very important in today's hectic life. This time, spent happily in the company of people you love, acts as one of the best stress busters.
Time with the family is worth effort and devotion. Being together with loving people lowers blood pressure and builds high self esteem of the young.
Being fit and sporty is not only the matter of prefect look and health. It is a great tool to build good relations between parents and children. Sport makes the generation gap invisible

During the month despite the rainy weather the students and parents took part in a family bike rally. Participants defeated the distance of over 20 km, traversing scenic areas Dulowa Forest. 

 In September we inaugurated another season  of trips in the course of  ERASMUS+ School Tourist Club. We hiked in the Salisian Beskid and managed to reach two peaks -  Klimczok and Szyndzielna. It was a great chance to get tired, relax and have a healthy project family meal in a mountain shelter together.

Instead of  spending time sitting in front of a computer screen or  just simply doing nothing, encourage your parents to go for a walk, ride a bike or do any sport together.  

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