Friday, 27 November 2015

Transnational Project Meeting TRZEBINIA POLAND

     Monday 23rd November

Between 23 and 25 November the first Activity & Eating: Small Steps to a Healthier you project coordinators meeting was held in Poland. 

      The meeting began with a short opening ceremony, which took place in the hall of  Zespół Szkół Gimnazjalnych im. Trzech Wieszczów Gimnazjum nr 2 in Trzebinia. All guest were welcomed by the head teacher of Gimnazjum nr 2 Mrs Krystyna Żak, the chairwoman of education and culture departament in Trzebinia City Council, the school coordinator Mrs Małgorzata Sarabun and representants of the Polish Erasmus+ team.  

                 Official Welcome in Gimnazjum nr 2 in Trzebinia

After greeting and exchanging  the welcome gifts, guests accompanied by students involved in the project visited the school and took the project family portrait to commemorate the first meeting of the partnership. 
Participants of the meeting: 

French Team: Mariana Navrotescu and Robin Cossé

Hungarian Team: Ildiko Varga and Peter Moson

Italian Team: Antonia Carlucci and Mario Andrisano

Polish Team: Małgorzata Sarabun, Aleksandra Stefańska,Bożena Chytry, Krystyna Harańczyk

Portuguese Team: Cristina Almeida and Sérgio Silva

               Team Project Family Picture

Afterwards autopresentation of all partner schools  took place. Each school shortly presented their own institution and showed some power points and videos done by the students. 


Next the Main Coordinator, Małgorzata Sarabun, began the presentation of the project Activity & Eating: Small Steps to a Healthier you, stating the main aims, the three steps to a Healthier you, The Health Month Themes, and the final products. 
After a lunch break the teachers held a management meeting. The team discussed and agreed on the different task:
  • changes in the distribution of project activities in relation to the planned in the application form/schools in charge 
  • updating the schedule of project activities, including mobility activities for teachers and students  for 2016 and 2017
  • tools of dissemination of project activities and results
  • documentation of the project activities
  •  planning for the evaluation proces
  • budget management
  • disccussing the channels of teachers and students’ communication 
  • use and purpose of the Blog and e-Twinning.
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After a long, busy and full of successful productive arrangements day, there was time to celebrate the traditional Polish cuisine in the company of all teachers and school staff. During the welcome gala dinner we had the opportunity to present guests with all Gimnazjum nr 2 employees and spend a pleasant evening in an international team project.

          Polish Cuisine Evening

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