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      Tuesday, 24th November

The great opening project event THE START UP CONFERENCE J

We had started our preparations for this conference a month ago but the final work was done on 20thNovember . We decorated a gym, prepare over sixty, yes SIXTY prizes for laureates and winners of Erasmus+ competitions.  We had a final rehearsal of a show for our guests.
On  24th November  at 5p.m. the floor was taken by two Polish coordinators Mrs Małgorzata Sarabun and Mrs  Aleksandra Stefańska. The opening words were said by a head teacher of the school Gimnazjum nr 2 w Trzebini, Poland Mrs Krystyna Żak . She expressed great satisfaction with a fact that her school is the coordinator of ERASMUS+ project. She welcomed the partners of the project .
From France: Mariana Navrotescu, Robin Cossé, from Hungary: Ildiko Varga, Peter Moson, from Italy: Antonia Carlucci, Mario Andrisano, from Portugal: Cristina Almeida and Sérgio Silva.

Mrs Krystyna Żak  welcomed local officials : 
The Mayor of Trzebinia- Mr Jarosław Okoczuk
The Director of Trzebinian Administrative Centre- Mr Andrzej Miranowicz
The Parish Priest- Stanisław Krzysik
The Councilor of Trzebinia- Mrs Barbara Dębiec
The Head of Education and Culture District in Trzebinia- Miss Katarzyna Majewska
Housewives’ Club Members
The Head of Parents’ Council- Mrs Małgorzata Papiernik.

She also underlined the presence of all students, laureates and winners of competitions and their parents.

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After the welcoming part the coordinator presented the main idea of the project. The main aims and assumed results were given during her presentation.

To make the aims, three STEPS, more visible, our teachers, responsible for those steps prepared their presentation on topics:

  • STEP 1 IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH THROUGH GOOD NUTRITION- presented by Mrs Krystyna Harańczyk- a Chemistry and Biology teacher and Mrs Bożena Chytry- a Physics and Biology teacher.
  •      STEP 2 EXERCISE YOUR LOCAL OPTIONS – presented by a PE teacher- Mr    Dariusz Wcisło
  •      STEP 3 BE ACTIVE YOUR WAY- presented by Mr Robert Łączka- a PE teacher.

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The last presentation was enriched with a dance show. The second and third grade students presented a dance show. The first was an aerobic one. The second was an individual jazz dance.

To inaugurate and promote the project A&E among students and local community each partner of the project invited students to take part in two competitions: the competition for a logo of the project and for a film promoting a school. In our school the project team encouraged students to face the competitions and it was the time to give awards to the winners. We are very proud that after partners’ voting the Polish logo became the official sign of the project A&E.

A&E Project logo and slogan by Julia Papiernik from Poland. 

To make project activities more effective and far reaching we organized wide variety of competitions.  All our students and students from primary schools in Trzebinia were the receivers of these actions. The aims were:
-          To promote knowledge about Trzebinia and partners’ countries
-          To extend respect and an attachment to own country, region, family on the one side, but also tolerance to other countries and their cultures.
-          Students made works in four categories: literary, art, geography and history. Students were asked to describe the most interesting place in Europe, prepare recipes, draw European buildings and show the beauty of European landscapes. In the geographical competition they introduced the most interesting places  in the country, region, named tourist attractions in Europe. Those, keen on history, create the album of customs and traditions in Europe. They described monuments and legends of European countries.
The teachers responsible for a realization of these tasks were asked to give the prizes. Those teachers were as follows:
Mrs Anetta Świerczek-Sumera- a Polish and History teacher, Mrs  Katarzyna Paluch- a Polish teacher, Mrs Iwona Leś- Kubik- a Geography and IT teacher and Miss Marta Pliszka- an Art teacher.
 There were over sixty students and their teachers to be given prizes.

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At the end we had fun to see a Polish, German and English school drama titled: Respect Health- Eat Healthier or Marlenka’s  Short Story. This show referred to the Erasmus+ topic, indeed.
The main character of this story, Marlenka, a girl, ate badly, did not do any sport. She preferred to be a couch potato and eat junk food. Thanks to real friends she decided to change her mind and promised to eat healthier and practice some sports.
This students’ drama presentation was conducted by teachers of English and German: Mrs Aleksandra Stefańska and Mrs Joanna Seręga. Twenty students acted in this drama. It was their first show in our school because they are the first grade students. Thanks to their effort, creativity and a good sense of humor, even if it was mainly in Polish, we could get a meaning from gestures and props J.
…. I have forgotten about one crucial thing… Marlena was not a girl (for those who did not catch it J )
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The Let’s Start Up conference was ended with a treat of Polish, homemade cakes and muffins full of carrot and pumpkin’s vitamins all made by the students partitipating in the project and their parents.

Sincere thanks to all the guest, parents and students present at the conference.   J.

From the left : Cristina Almeida, Krystna Żak, Małgorzata Sarabun, Jarosław Okoczuk, Bartłomiej Igieliński, Krystyna Haranczyk, Robert Łączka, Dariusz Wcisło, Aleksandra Stefańska, Mario Andrisano, Mariana Navrotescu, Andrzej Miranowicz, Atonia Carlucci, Ildiko Varga, Peter Mosson, Bożena Chytry, Robin Cosse, Sergio Silva. 

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